Excerpts from interviews with the founder of The National Debt Awareness Campaign.

How did NDAC come about?

The National Debt Awareness Campaign was established in 1987 when I realized how much of our Federal Budget was being used to pay interest on our National Debt, and that we've never made any capital payments on the National Debt, and that the last time we had a balanced budget was in 1969.

How does one join the Campaign?

NDAC is not organized for membership. It is a privately operated campaign of publicity about the problems caused by having such a large National Debt. Information contributions are welcomed. NDAC does not seek funding or monitary contributions.

How does NDAC operate?

NDAC accepts literary and analytical inputs from numerous individuals and organizations; and publishes articles for general public consumption, letters to editors and Members of Congress, The President, and any other appropriate agency that has an influence on our Federal Budget. In addition to the publicity campaign, NDAC conducts an annual budget analysis and publishes a bar chart for easy review of spending profiles. NDAC also maintains a web site at http://www.federalbudget.com with links to key government sources of information.

What is the major objective of NDAC?

When NDAC was started, the main objective was to get the media to use the terms "debt" and "deficit" correctly, because of the confusion. Even Members of Congress confused the terms. We've been successful in our campaign on that front.

Our next main thrust, and it continues, is to get the public to be aware just how heavy a burden the interest payment on the National Debt is on our ability to do really usefull things, like paving roads and fixing bridges. When you compare the amount of money spent on interest payments on the National Debt to the amounts spent on other budget items, you get an idea of the magnitude of the problem. NDAC wants the public to be aware of this situation. That's why the budget bar chart is our main product.

We also oppose income tax. The current tax code is truly broken and must be fixed. NDAC advocates a change to National Retail Sales Tax, because it gets the government out of the business of examining your income. There are other advantages stated in our press release.

Several issues are important about the national debt, and we constantly examine them;

- How does continuing growth of the National Debt affect the rest of the budget?

- Congressional micro-management of federal agencies wastes billion of dollars.

- The U. S. Government does not have any money. It spends your money. Whatever funding is borrowed, must be eventually paid back, by future generations starting with the next one.

- The U. S. Government does many things that it is not supposed to do. It has taken tasking from the States, that would be done much better by the States.

- Taxing income is a means of punishing those who are successfull, who also provide jobs. Corporations do not pay taxes! Taxes are just a "cost" to businesses, and that cost is included in the price of the business's product. Raising taxes on corporations just is a way to raise taxes on common taxpayers. All citizens should understand this.

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