U. S. Economy in Peril, Achievement Punished.

The United States was the "land of Opportunity". Anyone could be successful, at whatever they chose. Anyone, anyone, could be successful and get ahead. Aspirations for affluence were open to anyone.

Not anymore.

Now you are punished for achievement! You are taxed; you are ostricized; you are demonized; you are .... punished for achieving wealth. Even if you donate heavily to charity. Even if you provide jobs. The rewards of your acheivements are taken from you and given to the underacheivers.

In general, we Americans want everyone to have a good income, and and enjoy the "good life". This was the land of opportunity. But now, if you do get a good income, you will be punished for it by our onerous income tax code!

  • Some look at the Argentina example of what happens to a country with huge debt.
  • Is the U. S. now financially in the red?
  • We found a number of "strange" items in the 2011 Federal Budget proposal President Obama presented to Congress.

    One in particular shows a huge decrease in the proposed budget for the Treasury Department. Its budget includes the interest payments on the national debt, and the IRS. So how could this decrease possibly occur? Interest rates have not dropped from 2009 to 2010 to 2011; and the debt has not gone down.

    But there is also a huge increase in the Department of Labor budget, completely offsetting the reduction in the Treasury's budget. And just what is it that the federal government is doing in this Department of Labor? What is our money being used for?

    Also, the Department of Education budget is almost double that from 2010 actual expenditure. [Teacher's Unions.] There are other budget increases. Look at the bar chart on the web site (see below).

    The "Historical Tables", adjunct to the Budget Proposal, published by the Office of Management and Budget, is accessible on the web site (see below the signature). The table shows the details, but one can only infer the budget shuffle, based on the increases and decreases.

    We should all be watching the Monthly Treasury Report to examine the actual expenditures by the Treasury Department. Any transfer should show up there.

    Underachievers do NOT provide jobs for others, they take the spoils of achievers.

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