Government Enforced Compassion (aka: Socialism)

"Freedom is the ability to make your own decisions," Farris (Michael Farris, chancellor of Patrick Henry College and chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association) told WND, "but socialism inherently takes away private decision making. When the president can decide who is the chair or CEO of General Motors, that's socialism. America was founded on the principle that Americans can make their own decisions; the government can't tell us what to do. Socialism erases that line and invades the private decision making of companies, of families, of everyone."

The current income tax system penalizes especially low income earners and small businesses. The burden is heavy, about 26 - 30% of the cost of every product or service you purchase. If you really care about low income earners, get Congress to pass HR25, replacing the federal income tax system with a sales tax and prebate to cover the cost of sales tax on necessities. Under this law, low income earners will keep 100% of their paycheck, nothing will be withheld. More.

We strongly favor private organizations that support welfare/healthcare functions. Numerous charity organizations exist and they are much more efficient than government. If the government would get out of the welfare business and advocate the privatization of welfare, we could have a much better system. The Key: Voluntary presentation of one's resources into community health and welfare is amazingly robust, and could be enhanced if governments did not confiscate our money without choice. It is not government's job to force you to have compassion.

Government organizations are very inefficient, wasteful, and subject to much corruption and fraud.

So NDAC is clear about this. Compassion, enforced by government, is coercion. You don't have a choice in the matter. Take another look at the bar chart on the home page, the single largest item in the federal budget is social spending, even if you don't include Social Security.

The current federal income tax system hurts the lower income folks more than you realize. It is grossly unfair to low income folks. Here is why. The federal government places a tax on corporate profits, but corporations do not pay that tax. It is treated as a cost, and included in the price of the product. Every product that we buy has embedded corporate income tax, about 25% or more. You don't see it on the cashier ticket, but it's there. Low income earners pay that tax just like everyone else. But it is a larger percentage of a low income earner's budget. Doesn't seem right to us.

Related note: The change in administration in 2009, coupled with the socialistic leaning of the leadership in Congress, it is clear that the U. S. has begun a swing to socialism, or at least to Marxism. The "world" seems happy about this; but there will be widespread dissapointment. The buying power of Americans will dimenish under socialism, Americans will not be as good a customer of tlhe world's goods as it once was.

There is nothing in the U. S. Constitution that authorizes Congress to take money from some people and give it it other people, as being done with welfare and the new approach to government operated healthcare.

  • Exposed! Communists boast 'mentoring' David Axelrod. Us Constitutionalists tried to tell you folks. Now you're getting Communism. And President Obama explains in his own words how he expects the Supreme Court to bring about economic change to "spread the wealth". If you are an earner, your money will be taken from you.
  • go to National Debt Awareness Center web site.