About the bar chart and the U.S. Federal Budget.

Bar Chart Data Source: Monthly Treasury Statement (MTS) published by the U. S. Treasury Department. WE DON'T MAKE THIS UP! IT COMES FROM THE U. S. GOVERNMENT! NO ADJUSTMENTS. [this chart shows actual expenditures for FY2018; and will be updated with FY2019 data when it is published by the Treasury Department in October 2019].

The MTS published each October, reports the final actual expenditures for the previous FY. This chart shows FY2018 actual spending data. Here is the link to download your own copy from the Treasury Department web site.

You can see the President's Budget Proposal here.

NDAC Challenge: Look at the bar chart to find items that are growing and items that are being reduced. Example: the largest growth departments are the Department of Treasury (Debt Interest) and Health and Human Services. But FY2018 shows a major reduction in the Department of Education.

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Here is a critical view of the U.S. Budget.

NDAC studies the budget each year, which includes Budget Historical Tables published by OMB. Expenditures are shown in Table 4.1, scroll way to the right to find current years actuals and estimates. Our analysis is discussed on the home page of this web site.

!!!! One of the "big spending" departments in the Federal Government is the Department of Education. It's budget varies greatly from year to year. For FY2018, there was a dramatic reduction!Want to know more? See this. Schools get very little of that huge budget.

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