Just what is a TEA Party?

This is very interesting. A purely grass roots movement has sprung alive.
OK, that's not such a big deal, especially since the internet was used for coordination.

But what was the message? Is the movement going to fade away? Not likely, so let's stay tuned. Here is what we learned about the TEA Party movement. The folks in the movement make these points clear.

Point 1 - too much of our money being spent by government. Our kids will have to pay for it.

Point 2 - the Federal Income Tax Code is a disaster, and needs to be fixed (we saw quite a few Fair Tax shirts and signs).

Point 3 - government has gotten way too intrusive in our lives and we're losing freedoms.

Point 4 - Congress is is not paying attention to the Constitution, especially the Tenth Amendment.

  • And here is what their leaders say are the key issues.

  • NDAC comment about point 1: It's not just our kids, it's us right now. Taxes are creeping up fast!
    NDAC comment about point 4: Without the Constitution, without the rule of law, we have anarchy and tyranny.

  • Who is in the TEA party movement? Who are the participants? NewsMax released this poll.
  • How does the media get it so wrong? Even Fox can't report it correctly! The real TEA Party Agenda.
  • What does Hillary Clinton say about TEA Party debates?
  • It seems the media did not want these points to get out. Wonder why?. The news pundits seem to be in a cloud and can't figure the TEA party movement out. One news outlet tried to summarize that the movement was mostly Republican, some Democrat, and large percentage "independent". NDAC also looked into the make-up of the movement. Seems to us that it is 100% Constitutionalists! Maybe not Party members, but in attitude. Everyone of the folks we interviewed, and all the signs and posters relate back to the U. S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. WND has a project to send a nicely bound copy of the U. S. Constitution to Members of Congress. Maybe should send to all teachers.

    This assessment provided by National Debt Awareness Center (NDAC)

    Take a look at some TEA Party Express Kick-off pictures from March 2010. Is this what you saw in the news coverage?